Understanding Kundalini Understanding You

Understanding Kundalini Understanding You

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How do we get out of survival mode and into our highest self?A Black Womans perspective and teachings on Kundalini Energy without the spiritual bypassing, from hip hop, telepathy and house parties to ancient spiritual traditions this is metaphysics for new generation.

Get a deeper understanding of what Kundalini Energy is

Explore the mental, physical and spiritual sensations and symptoms

Mental health in the 3D when you know too much, feel too much and see too much

Discover the common and not so common ways Kundalini Energy is awakened both intentionally and unintentionally

Understand the difference between awakening Kundalini, activating Kundalini and a Kundalini rising

Tap into your spiritual gifts with ease to create a better world

Working with youth to expand their self image and decimate negative programming

Celebrate and explore the metaphysical knowledge coded within your DNA and in various cultures

Enjoy a variety of metaphysical topics and mental health based topics to promote peaceful relationships

Develop a deeper understanding of Epigenetics and Ancestoral healing

Explore the Chakras in relation to emotional well being and healing from trauma and so much more..