Kemetic Spirituality

Kemetic Spirituality

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The words of the Metu Neter that are recorded on the walls of temples & papyruses are the oldest recorded spiritual system known to humankind. By studying these words, we discover the connection between humankind & the deities of ancient Egypt.


When we apply these spiritual principles & laws in our lives, we truly discover how to live in a way that highlights the divine spirit within us.


Kemetic spirituality encourages us to be constantly aware that there is an interconnectedness between humanity & the divine & that the world around us is an extension of who we are.


You’ll discover the truth to:


Why science & quantum physics may only just now be catching up with what our ancestors knew

How to align the laws of Ma’at with your breathing for powerful intention setting

Why you may be attracting what you vehemently dislike into your life

Kemetic diet secrets to living in a state of high vibrational awareness & becoming as green as Asar

A powerful Kemetic approach to chakras you won’t find anywhere else

The ancient texts Russian scientists used to recreate incredible healing devices

Kemetic healing systems to melt away past trauma like ice in the desert

Ancient principles that act as spiritual fertilizer for your goals & dreams

How to immediately tap into your body’s energy channels using one hand

The best way to interact with deities, should you encounter them in your healing sessions

The soul & Earth chakra technique for super-human vitality

The spirit guide/energy placement combo for outrageously effective chakra balancing

A *bonus* illustrated yoga chapter for supercharged well-being & alignment

A treasure-trove of *bonuses*, including a chakra video course with over 4.5 hours of empowering content, energy-tapping videos, powerful guided meditations, & journals.

& so much more…